The Sisters

Athena is a recovering, marginalized, snarky Mormon fairy tale princess. As a divorced, doubly-disabled, demi-sapio-pansexual autist, she often blurts out what she thinks and then silently wishes she hadn’t. In her spare time, Athena writes novels, memoirs, and poetry about womany and Mormony life. She is carrying on the legacy of inclusion her LDS parents modeled for her and has it on good authority that her ancestors approve of her efforts.

Brandy is raising four headstrong kids in a house that is a never-ending project and pursuing a psych degree in her “free time.” She believes that Christ is keenly aware of the hearts of those forced into the margins and, no, she was not named after alcohol.

Deborah is a convert to the LDS faith and has been enjoying the blessings of her temple marriage long enough to have children leave the nest. She has been primarily a stay-at-home mom with a passion for learning. She describes herself as equal parts extrovert/introvert, as well as cerebral/intuitive. She is an active member, but is known to sleep through “extra” General Conference sessions, promising herself to listen later. Sometimes she does.

Hildegard was born a Northern Mormon girl and hasn’t forgotten it, despite life carrying her off to the Intermountain West. The wife of one and the mom of two, she is often  found crocheting in the school pick-up line, playing the piano as cheap therapy, or chilling to Kundalini Yoga mantra music. Hilda’s passion for learning leads her to find treasures in every tradition.

June grew up in the Midwest in a small branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which she loved. She honors her Mormonism in many ways, even though some of her religious beliefs would now be outside the Mormon norms. June is a divorced mother who enjoys self-care, mostly in the form of bubble baths, books, and browsing the aisles of Target. She is passionate about special needs advocacy, trauma-informed care, and supporting those who have been affected by difficult life situations.

Laura grew up in the Intermountain West where she was gifted with a strong sense of herself and western independence. She has always loved her Mormon faith but was never content to conform to the culture. She currently calls herself an “unchurched Mormon.” Laura loves to hike, argue with people, and eat black bean nachos.

Leah is a sixth-generation Mormon and the mother of twelve children, some of whom reside with her and some in God’s embrace. She is passionate about Heavenly Mother. Leah home schools, quilts, and grinds wheat for bread when she’s not busy rousing rabble and flirting with heresy.

Miriam grew up in a large LDS family outside Utah. She graduated from BYU in the sciences as she and her husband grew a large family of their own. Although she has left the church as a matter of personal integrity, she frequently reflects on the positives of Mormonism which have helped nudge her forward, and continues to triage the values and lessons of Mormon life.

Pilar loves music, reading, naps, traveling, and building things. She loves making gourmet meals but is equally happy to spend the day in her pajamas, eating cold cereal and watching Dr. Who or Poldark. She is an obsessive trier of things and an avid do-it-yourself-er because learning to do new things is just plain fun.

Serena is a stay-at-home mother of five children who enjoys coaching various sports and volunteering for several local charities. A lifelong member of the Church, she grew up with less-active parents, but often went to church on her own.

Tabitha was raised as a west coast Mormon, but grew up as she and her husband moved around the country. She feels a close connection to her Heavenly Parents, her Savior, and a lot of the time, the Church. She spends her time advocating for increased access to early childhood education, helping her kids appreciate their education, and hoping to take a nap.

SQ Emeritus Staff

Martha is mostly happy to shovel shit and make meals for her over-sized brood of delightful monsters. When she gets weary of earthy business, she’s more likely to be mouthing off than meekly taking instruction.

Sarah has marinaded in Mormonism since birth. She is a passionista for human consciousness, traveling to foreign lands, and the divine feminine. You can find her adventuring with her kids, meditating about human suffering, or coming up with new ways to get out of cooking dinner.

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