Sisters Quorum invites submissions from readers. Material must be related, in some way, to the Mormon experience, particularly regarding women’s issues, but may be broader in consideration as well.  We welcome a variety of viewpoints, but will reject submissions that are not respectful of the diverse and complicated journeys people choose, be they orthodox or heterodox.

Word count should be between 400-1000. Send your submission in the body of an email (no attachments) to Mark your subject line with the word SUBMISSION (all caps please), followed by the title of your article. Include a short bio with all submissions. See Reader Posts for examples.

If you are submitting for the Young Writer Series, you must be between the ages of 13 and 18. Your submission must be sent in the body of an email (no attachments) to Mark your subject line with the words YWS SUBMISSION (all caps please), followed by the title of you work. SQ is interested in the youth perspective regarding the Mormon experience.

Submission does not guarantee publication. Writers will be notified of acceptance by email reply.

Sisters Quorum Editorial Staff will provide light editing of accepted material. Polish your work before you submit. With that said, one need not be a practiced writer to be published.

Remember that Sisters Quorum is a place for the public sharing of our stories. Prior to submitting, carefully consider how comfortable you will be with open discussion of what you have written. Sisters Quorum offers anonymity, but we cannot buffer you from opposing opinion.

While anonymity is offered, you must be willing to give your proper identity to a member of the Sisters Quorum Acquisition Staff in order for us to maintain the site’s integrity. Know we consider your vulnerability and honesty to be an act of love and service to others. *Young writers may be asked to offer parent contact information, depending on subject matter, particularly when the writer prefers to use their real name.*

Reader Posts will include the following notation: “Reader submissions are received with appreciation and in general good faith. Although reasonable, respectful efforts are made to verify the content, ultimate and exclusive responsibility for guest posts rests with its author. Sisters Quorum cannot guarantee the veracity of guest content.”



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