The Sisters Quorum is a gathering of women with roots in the Mormon experience. We are diverse in that experience and in outlook, but we unite in our commitment to connect and empower all “sisters” who share association through the expansive circle of Mormonism. Our goal is to host a space in which divergent viewpoints can be expressed and receive respect, compassion, and understanding. Together, we assert that the divine feminine is a source of inspiration and empowerment, and we seek Her and God the Father as we seek to understand ourselves.

Our voices stand as a collection of individual viewpoints. What we share here we share as an expression of what it can mean to bear the title “Sister” in a religious culture that alternately values and devalues its sisters, wives, and mothers.

We choose the lotus flower as our symbol because of its beauty and resilience, and because it exists as a timeless reminder of regeneration. Sisters Quorum celebrates each rebirth experienced by the children of God as they commune with the divine. We value the enlightenment and perseverance the lotus flower embodies.

lotus 1

The Sisters Quorum is currently accepting submissions. Please see our Submissions page for guidelines.

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