Let’s Hear It for the Boys! (and Other Shout-outs Re: the Temple Changes)

DEBORAH: Changes have been made to the temple ceremonies, and, having not yet witnessed them, I rely on reports that every single thing feminist-leaning Latter-day Saint women have been protesting has been corrected. Finally. A step forward that is adult-sized. Of course, the entire topic of the temple falls into most members’ Too Sacred for Words file, so I won’t go there. Instead, I’d like to give a few shout outs.

First, I want to give a shout out to all the women who were selected to participate in the recent Church-developed survey in which their thoughts about the temple ceremonies were gathered, and then give another shout out to all the women who voiced the concerns that finally, eventually did, in fact, bring about the survey. To be selected for this particular survey, a woman had to be a believing member who no longer attends the temple because of issues with the ceremony. I’m especially grateful to them for representing the problems well.

I’m also grateful to my Father in Heaven for validating the concerns expressed by these feminist women when, for decades if not longer, the series of leaders in authority over the entirety of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have ignored and dismissed feminist petitions. I trust that Heavenly Father is aware of the other issues in the practice of the Church that devalue and/or undervalue women and is doing what He can to get the attention of the Brethren.

I’m especially grateful to the Brethren for acting rightly and correcting the sexist way the temple infantilized women. I trust they will continue seeking Heavenly Father’s preferences on other important issues that involve women and, maybe, the faith’s LGBTQ population.

Far be it from me to suggest an action to the Brethren, but I wonder if some braver person might suggest a survey about sexual abuse and bishopric interviews.

Scratch that. I hear someone already did this and it didn’t turn out so well.

So that’s out. How about a survey of LGBT people (preferably separating the LG and the B, as well as the T, from one another)? I hear they’ve been registering a few complaints of late.

On a personal level, I have one very important question that relates to the covenants I made in the temple many years ago. I covenanted to hearken to my husband as he hearkens to God. I haven’t made a covenant directly with God in the way my husband has. What does this mean for me? Am I less than the current crop of women getting endowed? Do I get a do-over?

(Forgive me for asking. I trust the Brethren will explain. Maybe Heavenly Mother will. I’ll just ask her. By the way, She says we should talk about her more.)


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5 Replies to “Let’s Hear It for the Boys! (and Other Shout-outs Re: the Temple Changes)”

  1. Just returned from Thursday 5pm session. Firt time in years. Vast improvement!
    Queens in own right, no harkening, no aaronic priesthood, and no veiled faces. There was a statement before saying they were making it easier for women. Came out thinking women could have priesthood this year, as they are listening to disaffected women.

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    1. Thank you for this information. That’s good news, especially the queen in her own right. What I’m wondering is if they actually stated they were “making it easier for women”? Please tell me that was you stating it, because if not, ugh. No suggestion of correction? It sounds so … condescending. But also it would be odd for them to speak in terms of making anything related to the gospel “easier.” On the other hand, that wording suggests lots of things could be made easier for the women, because if the temple rites are so inconsequential, maybe priesthood is likewise inconsequential.


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