Young Women’s Theme (v2 12.15.17)

PILAR: We are daughters of our Heavenly Father, who loves us and we love him. We will stand as unseen witnesses of God but not in any official capacity, ever, as we strive to live the Young Women values which are:


Divine Nurture

Individual Worth


Choice and Invisibility

Good Works

Virginity and 

Hot Modesty

We believe as we come to accept and be conditioned in these mindsets, we will be prepared to multiply and replenish the earth, fold towels and sort laundry, watch as men receive and participate in the ordinances of the temple and enjoy the blessings of hearkening in exaltation.



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5 Replies to “Young Women’s Theme (v2 12.15.17)”

  1. Ouch. I wish I could believe that isn’t the message we are sending girls, but from what I can see, there is little evidence to the contrary. I have a toddler girl, and I am agonizing over how to shield her from the discriminatory narratives she will be fed as she attends church. The painful thing is, I don’t think I can. If I choose to raise her in the church, I fear there will be terrible costs to her sense of self and worth.


    1. I can promise you that you can raise your confident, powerful, intelligent daughter in the Church without costs to her self-esteem and self worth. My mother did for me. While you can’t control everything that happens at Church, you can help shape her perspective on how she views it. Most of all, if you help her receive confirmation of her worth through the Spirit, she will have a foundation on which she can build for the rest of her life.


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