We Need the Church to be Good: a Top 15 List for the 15 Top Brethren

SQ: After General Conference, the staff here at SQ realized we don’t need the Church to be true, but we do need it to be good. And consistently honorable.  To this end, we’ve compiled a list of the top fifteen things we want the Brethren to know. Here is our list, in no particular order:

  1. We need a church that celebrates the messages of Jesus and is built on the two great commandments as Jesus taught them.
  2. We need a church that welcomes truth from any credible source, including its dissidents, and especially from those it has hurt, be they believing or not.
  3. We need a church that values the ideas and inspiration of women as much as it values those of men and that sees women as leaders and teachers of men, not just of other women and children.
  4. We need a church that sanctions and participates in a conversation about women’s ordination, authority, and autonomy rather than one that sanctions only the perspective of certain, high-level male priesthood leaders on these topics.
  5. We need a church that offers full inclusion for LGBTQ members, one that both recognizes God’s grace extends to us all and that trusts the Lord, who knows our hearts, to work things out in the next life.
  6. We need a church to which we can invite all our friends, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or political persuasion.
  7. We need a church that encourages, in non-judgmental or passive-aggressive ways, the women of the church to determine for themselves how to fulfill the measure of their earthly creation.
  8. We need a church that lives up to its claim of a Gold Standard by implementing thorough training to recognize the signs of predatory grooming and abuse, one that ends the habit of believing priesthood holders are above the accusations leveled at them, and that gives members an independent hotline to report ecclesiastical abuse.
  9. We need a church that ends private confession of sexual sin to its lay clergy, whether that’s behind a closed door, a door with a window, or in some more visible setting.
  10. We need a church where the leadership is more interested in the members’ needs than in consolidating and perpetuating power and control.
  11. We need a church with a hierarchy that practices humility and love through transparency and accountability, to include apologizing when it has done wrongly and working vigilantly to end the practice of leader adulation and the perception that church leaders are infallible.
  12. We need a church that openly, thoroughly, and humbly addresses the messiness of its own history.
  13. We need a church without courts, or that at least clearly defines and consistently applies standards for discipline and excommunication.
  14. We need a church that acknowledges that the Word of Wisdom was not given by way of commandment and that allows members to maintain their standing when they interpret it as transcribed in the original, canonized revelation.
  15. We need this church to stop creating dividing lines that mark members as worthy/not worthy, gay/straight, male/female, tithe payer/non-tithe payer, inactive/active, feminist/”elect lady,” faithful/progressive and so on.

We hope that you will share with us what you need the Church to become.

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6 Replies to “We Need the Church to be Good: a Top 15 List for the 15 Top Brethren”

  1. My ideal church would be one that accepts me, and all comers, as I am and where I am without demanding cultural conformity or obedience to authority. Jesus didn’t say “Come unto me, but you can only hang out with me if you do x and y and z.” Jesus said “Come unto me…and I will give you rest” (no conditions; no requirements). I’d love to see that put into practice.

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  2. We need a church with the wisdom to reject things like thought-policing, tattling, sycophancy, nepotism, and other easily transparent negative human traits.

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  3. Unfortunately, the church needs to maintain the truth narrative, so it cannot become “good” in most of the ways you mention.

    So we left.


  4. My need, exemplified in what seems to the key motivation of many (most?) of the church’s public stances and forays into politics: I need the church to not use “freedom of religion” to justify blocking, disrupting, antagonizing, and denouncing legislative attempts to protect vulnerable and mistreated groups. I need the church to use it’s voice to critique the powerful who prey on the voiceless and it’s resources to defend the defenseless. I need the church to realize how unjust it acts when it justifies harming others in the name of protecting it’s own interests.

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  5. We need a church that is in tune with with the gospel of Christ. All are alike unto God black and white, bond and free, male and female, gay and straight. If you question gay and straight look at the others when it was written?
    Love God by loving your fellow men perfectly as God does. No discrimination against women or gays.


  6. I need the Church to admit that Joseph Smith’s & Brigham young were sex addicts, control freaks, money glaumers, woman haters, & most of all they were LIARS & FRAUDs!!! If they would admit that the church got started with false claims, they would b a lot better off & people might not b leaving in mass if they would just fess up!!!


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